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Chairman message

A word from the chairman A word from the chairman

DeBirs has come a long way. Our main edge lies in combining aviation and marine expertise to create and develop a unique product line of spacious motor yachts with attention to detail and designed to provide full privacy, comfort, luxury and customer support at the world’s most competitive pricing!

We have spent the better part of 25 years building a culture, an uncompromising set of rules, regulations and values that are instilled in our workers. Our values that are imprinted in our Company make the culture indigenous in De Birs. We believe that this notion has been the essence that has brought success to our products and distinguished our brand.

At De Birs Yachts we assemble some of the most exciting European yacht designers, engineers, US executives and businessmen and the most competitive and highly skilled labor and manufacturing resources in the region to take full advantage of their experiences. We believe we have the most exciting Motor Yachts in the world today, press seems to agree, that also provides the highest possible value for today's yachtsman.

Our philosophy is simple:

“Provide luxury Motor Yachts on a turnkey basis with as much appeal to the owner's checkbook as his love of the sea and beautiful yachts".

Tarek Ragheb