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Welcome to De Birs Yachts Welcome to De Birs Yachts

A world of luxury and sophistication, where Italian design is intertwined with talented engineering and state-of-art technology.

Overlooking the Mediterranean, De Birs shipyard is located at the heart of three continents.

From Amreya Free Zone in Alexandria, De Birs not only built an unparalleled footprint in the maritime industry in the region, but adopted a vision to create a platform for a unique culture and lifestyle.

Our invested expertise into the design of our yachts spans over 25 years of successful boat building starting out from the racing world to luxury performance yachts. This experience translates well to accommodate the taste, desires and requirements of our yacht owners.

It is a vision of naval architects and aviation executives, which explains the sleek almost aircraft looks, functionality and quality.

Enjoy the cruise!